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John Shortt

Peter Finnan

John Shortt

With over 20 years in the Irish golf industry, John has a huge knowledge of the hotels, golf courses and

logistics required to make a great golf trip. “I believe that every trip is unique. Every customer requires a different type of

experience, and that is what we provide, an Irish golf experience. Matching each individual customers requirements to the

superb golf and accommodation offerings in Ireland makes every day different and that’s why I love arranging golf trips.”


Peter Finnan

Peter also has over 20 years in the golf industry and loves to see happy, repeat customers. “It’s a wonderful

feeling when the customer tells you it was a great trip. We offer a superb price, pride ourselves on our customer service and

our trips vary from customer to customer with each trip being unique. Our experience

and product knowledge is vital in helping us recommend the right golf and accommodation services for all our clients.”

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