Getting to Ireland

Ireland is accessible by air or sea but by far the easiest way to travel is by air. We will recommend which airport
is best for your trip but we do not arrange flights. 

Main Airports: Dublin Airport / Shannon Airport / Belfast Airport / Cork Airport


Ireland isn’t green because it’s sunny all the time so pack accordingly. Average temperatures in summer months will be 57-68 Fahrenheit (14-20 degrees Celcius) and it is advisable to bring rain and wind protection, particularly when playing on links courses.


Handicap certificates

Usually the handicap limits at Irish golf courses are 24 for men and 36 for women.  Handicap certificates may be

requested on arrival so please ensure you have them with you.



For your enjoyment we recommend caddies wherever possible. Caddies can be requested at most clubs but are

not guaranteed.  There are also usually different grades of caddy from bag carriers to senior caddies,

the rate varies from club to club and all caddy requests should be made when booking.


Electric buggies / carts

Electric buggies / carts are available at most courses, although some courses do not permit them without medical certificate

and some do not permit them at all.  If you have a medical certificate or require an electric cart please advise us when

booking and we will make the request.  


Club / Equipment hire

Most golf clubs will offer equipment rental at the professional shop. If you require this we can arrange club rental

in advance for you which travels with you for the duration of your trip and you can request specific equipment from

the majority of the top brands such as TaylorMade & Callaway. 


Dress code

Neat dress is essential on all golf courses and in all clubhouses in Ireland. Denims are not permitted in the majority

so please dress accordingly. Spiked shoes are also not permitted in the majority of golf clubs so please adjust

before your arrival if required.

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